Basic Skills Training (BST)

BST services are rehabilitative mental health interventions designed to reduce cognitive and

behavioral impairments and restore recipients to their highest level of functioning. BST

services are provided to recipients with age and developmentally inappropriate cognitive

and behavioral skills. BST services help recipients acquire (learn) constructive cognitive

and behavioral skills through positive reinforcement, modeling, operant conditioning and

other training techniques. BST services teach recipients a variety of life skills. BST

services may include the following interventions:

A.) Basic living and self-care skills: Recipients learn how to manage their daily lives,

recipients learn safe and appropriate behaviors.


B.) Social skills: Recipients learn how to identify and comprehend the physical,

emotional and interpersonal needs of others—recipients learn how to interact with



C.) Communication skills: Recipients learn how to communicate their physical,

emotional and interpersonal needs to others—recipients learn how to listen and

identify the needs of others.


D.) Parental training: Parental training teaches the recipient’s parent(s) and/or legal

guardian(s) BST techniques. The objective is to help parents continue the

recipient’s rehabilitative mental health care in home and community based settings. Parental training

must target the restoration of recipient’s cognitive and behavioral mental health

impairment needs. Parental training must be recipient centered.


E.) Organization and time management skills: Recipients learn how to manage and

prioritize their daily activities.


F.) Transitional living skills: Recipients learn necessary skills to begin partial independent and/or fully independent lives.

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