Day Treatments

Day Treatment services are rehabilitation mental health interventions designed to reduce emotional, cognitive and behavioral problems and restore recipients to their highest level of functioning. Day Treatment services target emotional, cognitive, and behavioral functioning within a variety of actual and/or simulated social settings. Day Treatment services provide recipients opportunities to implement and expand upon (trial and error) what they previously learned/gained from other mental and/or behavioral health therapies and interventions in safe settings. Our Day Treatment services offer a variety of programs to allow flexibility and accomodate our client's needs. Most classes operate after school where the children are picked up and brought to one of our facilities. There they will participate in a number of theraputic activities, lessons, and interventions to stregthen their cognitive, emotional, and/or behavioral development. Our classrooms are equipped with state of the art equipment, therapeutic games, activities, and lessons.  Our Day treatment facilitators are qualified mental health associates with Medicaid and all trained and certified in "Why Try" resilience education (

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